About Office of Public Engagement’s Role with the Community Sector

When the Office of Public Engagement was formed in October 2012, it brought together five previously independent offices: the Rural Secretariat, the Voluntary and Non-Profit Secretariat, the Youth Engagement office, the Strategic Partnership, and the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Office.

The Office of Public Engagement focuses on four specific community sector-related roles:

  1. Provision of policy advice and expertise within government on the issues and needs in the voluntary, community-based sector;
  2. Promotion and celebration of volunteers and the value of volunteerism;
  3. Enhancement of the capacity in the voluntary, community-based sector to meet changing community needs;
  4. Engaging, consulting and collaborating with the sector.

In order to accomplish this, the OPE carries out research, liaises with other government departments, plans and carries out various annual and bi-annual events, and engages with organizations within the community sector. The Office functions as a gateway to government for the community sector. It provides information to community organizations, to government on behalf of community organizations and spearheads projects that promote and enhance the capacity of sector organizations.